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DJI SRT Flight Data Viewer

Visualize the SRT flight data from your DJI drone (Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 [Pro/Zoom], Mavic mini, Phantom [3/4/Pro]), Inspire, Matrice 200...

You can also load other file formats (GPX, KML, JSON...) and convert them to other software: After Effects (mgJSON), Virb Edit (GPX), Google Earth (KML), Excel (CSV). Save your visualizations as photos and videos.

To create videos with your data, use the Telemetry Overlay

To use the data in After Effects, get the Telemetry Template


Turn on Video Captions in your camera settings within the DJI Go4 App and you will find SRT files alongside your movie clips. You can use this tool to load, view, interpret and convert those files.

You can load multiple SRT files at the same time. They will be sorted and merged based on their date. Keep in mind that there might be time gaps between the data of those files, so when using the extracted data to sync back with the videos, those gaps should be respected in the video timeline.

You can tweak smoothness, load satellite or maps of the location, drag over the graphs or timeline to view data in specific moments/places, export your data to other formats or launch Google Maps exactly where you shot something.

Use the controls to toggle between imperial and metric units or to use the raw altitude data instead of the corrected to sea-level one.

Mavic Pro, Mavic Air 2

The data in the Mavic Pro (first version), Mavic Air 2 and some other drones is not as accurate as it could be, so you can apply smoothing to it to and produce a more meaningful interpretation of your flights. This is not necessarily more accurate.

Mavic Mini, Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2

These drones do not produce a .SRT file, but they embed the subtitles within the video file. Use the Subtitle Extractor to convert them and then use them on this site.


How to create telemetry overlays

How to create an animated 3D flight map

GoPro Telemetry

To load GoPro Metadata, you can extract it first using the GoPro Telemetry Extractor Lite or the GoPro Telemetry Extractor Premium for more features and better performance.

Telemetry News

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